Service & Repair

H.A Micro scale provides benefits in managing high volume and high complexity products. Our service centers are staffed with experienced, dedicated teams of multi-skilled technicians who provide a full range of end-to-end repair services.

With the ability to make recommendations to improve the reliability of your product or equipment, H.A Micro Global comprehensive Service & Repair solution can help eliminate inefficiencies.

Our component engineers are able to source product parts from our global supply chain, while our IPC trained and certified employees provide superior quality product repair, upgrade, refurbishment and testing in-house.

We offer you tailored testing and configuration, thorough analysis of defects in PCBs and return-to-vendor or return-to-customer options.

Logistics & Handling 
We can interface directly with your customers to receive and ship your products and can offer you full logistics and warehousing facilities to stock spare parts during the repair process. We ensure your products and components will be handled with care
Our end-to-end Repair Services include:

•    Repair
•    Remanufactured Equipment
•    Scheduled Maintenance & Testing
•    Retrofits and Upgrades
•    Reverse Logistics
•    Component Engineering
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